8/6/18 - 8/12/18

outfit's of the day from this week, links below :) 

details: dress ( similar  - under $20!) //  sandals

details: dress (similar - under $20!) // sandals

I got these loafers in the mail this week that I ordered from the Nordstrom Sale. Before deciding if I keep something I always try to style it to help me decide. This outfit has me excited for Fall! The verdict is still up in the air with these. I'm not sure I can justify keeping them not knowing how often I'll wear them. I might go for a full loafer instead of the slide on. What do you think? 

details:  shirt  //  jacket  (on sale!) //  jeans  //  loafers

details: shirt // jacket (on sale!) // jeans // loafers

details: shirt ( different color  - on sale + under $20!) //  jeans  (under $30!) //  espadrilles  (on sale under $50!) 

details: shirt (different color - on sale + under $20!) // jeans (under $30!) // espadrilles (on sale under $50!)