How I Dressed Up a $10 Tee + A Story

Hello again!

It’s been awhile since meeting you here, so if you’re reading - welcome back! And thank you for sticking it out with me! To be honest with y’all, this semester is kicking my booty. Between work, class and then never-ending assignments, I barely have time to breathe during the week! I’m so happy to be back today to share a recent find (a SUPER reasonable and versatile piece) and a story on how this black tee inspired me.


Let me start by telling you how this sweet little tee came into my life: I picked it up while visiting Ian in Philly two weeks ago. It’s always tough to pack for a weekend in Philly because I never know what the weekend will bring…Do I need clothes for being active? Are we going out in the city with friends? Is it going to be raining? Will I be walking everywhere? How cold is it going to be? PLUS the added factor of being able to stuff all of it into my weekender duffle bag to fit on the train. You see… the possibilities are endless and it ends up being quite the math equation (and I’m awful at math).

That being said, it never fails that I’m not ready wardrobe-wise for something. #girlproblems! This particular weekend I had packed for a comfy, casual and laid-back weekend when our friends called to get us to head to Broad Street for drinks and dinner that Saturday night. WAH! So, naturally I panicked and ran to Target to look for a chic basic that I would be able to work with by adding accessories and layers I already had packed, and be able to re-wear in the future.


Enter: the $10 Wild Fable tee from Target’s new collection.

I snagged this adorable mock neck cropped tee in black and grey (I got both colors because I wasn’t sure which to get and they were so cheap)! I’m not usually one to be into cropped looks, but with the jeans I had packed that were high waisted, I knew this tee would be trendy but not too much. I also loved the mock neck!

Luckily I had this pendant necklace and resin tortoise hoops packed in a zip pocket from another trip, and this fun vest that is my current favorite layer (that I scored on Poshmark for $30!) I paired it with a high heeled ankle boot and was ready to go!


So, why am I telling you this story?

Up until recently I have been feeling underwhelmed with my style and my wardrobe.

While the initial stress of being unprepared for a night out was not fun, I ended up having SO much fun (Ian, not so much) challenging myself to think through an outfit by limiting myself to what I had packed, and in the end found some outfit inspo.

I am all for “shopping from your closet” but sometimes, you need a new piece to inspire you. Both of the grey and black tees are now ones I find myself reaching for over and over again, and I know I can dress them up or down whenever I need to, and I’m excited about the possibilities! As if I needed more reasons to love Target.

I challenge you! How do you dress up a basic tee shirt?

What has been inspiring you lately?

Xo -

Erin Christine